Find Out How Much Casinos Earn with AgenSbobetTerpercaya!

Have you ever thought of the amount of money that a casino which is present on the internet makes once a month? Of course, the answer depends on the website, however, with the help of an agen sbobet tepercaya and by using some of the general assumptions, you can guess the money which the casino makes in just a month.

The expense of running a casino:

In order to find out the total earning, you should calculate the money that is required for running the casino each month. The largest expense which these online casinos bear is linked to software. There are basically three big providers of the casino software and almost every gambling website leases their software from these giants. The three companies are Playtech, net entertainment, and Microgaming. More information can be found via agen sbobet terpercaya.

agen-sbobet-casino-online-asia-terpercayaIt has been estimated that 60% of online casinos have been powered up by these three companies only. The common thing between the three providers is that all of them are pricey. The minimum amount they charge for leasing a software is $11,000 just for one month! Not only that, these companies also keep 15% of what the casino wins each month!

More expenses:                                        

The cost of software is not the only cost that an online casino has to pay for. More than ninety percent of casinos on the internet runs an affiliate program alongside which costs further money so that more people visit their website.

Expense of customer service and hosting:

The next expense that casinos have to cover is the cost of customer service and hosting. If you use offshore labor for operating the best customer service, then this alone can cost you $5000. The casino also has to pay for a server which is secure. Similarly, the company also needs money for controlling the amount of traffic that comes to the website and also to provide sufficient bandwidth. This amount obviously varies, however, an estimate is $2500.

At this point, the total comes out to be $20,000 per month. However, this is a fixed expenditure and two-fifths of the player’s revenue should also be considered. In simple terms, the casino has to make enough money in one month that sixty percent of the earnings sum up to $20,000. An agen sbobet terpercaya would have more information about exactly how much a casino would earn.


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